When Grownups Play Dress Up

Do You Still Play Dress Up

Do you remember how much fun you had as a little girl when you would play dress up? You know what I mean, wearing your mom’s or someone else’s shoes, clothes and makeup, and pretending to be grown up. It was so much fun!

But more than being fun, little girls actually learn from that. As adults we are role modeling for children – all the time really. They notice the way we wear our hair, the clothes we wear, and our makeup. They are also influenced by what’s in fashion and what’s not. We all can relate to that! After all, most of us have grown up with the images of super thin and beautiful models being the ‘ideal’ that we were expected to live up to.

Hopefully we’re not doing that so much to the younger generation of today. I really think we’ve moved forward in that way. Nowadays women are admired for their inner beauty as well as their physical beauty.

Getting back to makeup and such – have you ever thought about having a dress up day? I’m serious. Let’s say you have some free time on your hands. Why not try some new tricks with makeup, nail polish, or try a new hairstyle? You might find a new look you really like – and since you don’t have any real plans anyway, even if you don’t like the look, what have you got to lose? By the way, you can get e.l.f. Nails. All Nail Polish, Files, Remover Pads Just $1!

You see, it’s very important that you do not try a new hairstyle or even a new makeup regimen for a special occasion or event. The simple fact is, you may not like it – you might even hate it. And at that point you could be stuck with it. Imagine how you would feel. Your self-confidence would be lowered and you would be less comfortable than if you would have gone with a makeup routine and hairstyle you feel at ease with.

For example, maybe you are in the habit of wearing a lot of makeup. But because the ‘natural’ look is in right now, you decide to try Mineral Cosmetics – Revealing your natural beauty with the mineral cosmetics offered by BeautyBridge.com is a great way to give the ‘natural’ look a try. But suppose you do this on a night when you will be doing something very special. Of course, you will do your best to create the ‘natural’ look, and even though you do a good job and you look great, you may not be comfortable with this ‘nude’ feeling. Obviously, you will be self-conscious throughout the evening – which will reduce the enjoyment you will have. It’s just not worth it.

On the other hand, if you give yourself time to adjust to the new look, perhaps by wearing the ‘natural’ makeup look on a weekend day or two, then you may find that you absolutely love the ease of mineral makeup and the way it looks – you’ll probably be ready to wear the new look out. The thing is, we are creatures of habit – even though change is good, most of us simply feel more comfortable with things we have time to become familiar with. So take the time to play dress up before you wear a new look out.

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