The Right Makeup for Contact Lenses

The Right Makeup For

Contact Lenses

These tips will keep you looking great

when wearing contact lenses

Contact lenses are a good alternative when you get tired of wearing eyeglasses. It can give you a different look. It also helps keep the grade of your eyes from increasing drastically. If you plan to use contact lenses, you have to learn how to get accustomed to them and take care of them. For instance, you can’t just rub your eye because your contact lens might just pop out and get lost. Here are some precautions when wearing makeup together with lenses.

Remember your contact lens, unlike eyeglasses, is in direct contact with your eyes and any dirt on the contact lens can infect your eyes. It is advisable to put your contact lenses before applying any makeup. Be sure your hands and face are clean and dry before placing your lens on your eyes. By putting the lens first, you will avoid having residue, like hand cream, lotion or soaps on your hands. This residue could stick to the lens and cause eye irritation.

When you are putting contact lenses in you have to touch the lens – but after that you should practice ‘hands off’ as much as possible. Keep in mind that your hands should be clean when you touch your contacts. When putting the lenses in, try to have a dry finger and a wet lens. This will help you get the contact in quickly and easily. After the lens is on your eye you may need to move your eye around a bit to adjust the lens.

If you use heavy creams or moisturizers around the eyes, it could soften and smear the lenses. You should be careful when rubbing around the area of your eyes. Use a wet tissue or sponge to wipe the excess powder from around the eyes as a brush can cause the particles to fall into the eyes and cause irritation. Try using creams and liquid gel eye shadows to avoid particles from falling into your eyes.

Use waterproof mascara without alcohol. If you plan to use mascara, apply it lightly and make sure it does not touch the eyelashes. Make sure the applied coat is dry before applying another one. When applying eyeliner, use waterproof and soft-liner instead of liquid type, and avoid touching the inner rim of your eye.

Use the hair dryer before using the contact lenses. If you have to use the hair dryer while your contact lenses are on, blink frequently to prevent your eyes from getting dry. If your eyes become dry, you can try using an eye solution. Hair spray should also be used before putting in your contacts. If this is not possible, close your eyes while spraying. The mist from the spray can enter your eyes and cause a great deal of irritation.

When removing your contact lenses, make sure to remove them before removing any makeup. Again be sure your hands and fingers are clean and dry before removing the lenses. Clean the lenses well before storing it. You can keep it soaked in a solution to keep it clean and free of dirt.

There’s a lot of care required when using contact lenses but it’s worth the effort to display your bright beautiful eyes. Contact lenses come in different colors and can accentuate your eyes and face.


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