Shaping Your Eyebrows The Easy Way

Shaping Your Eyebrows The Easy Way

Having your eyebrows waxed can be a hassle and it can get expensive. This is something you can do at home and it’s really easy to do. This method is simple enough even for beginners.

eye closeupLet’s face it, beautiful eyebrows can really make your eyes look great. We’ve all seen women with wonderful arches. The truth is, even if your arches aren’t to die for, as long as you keep them well defined they will set off your eyes. With that in mind, it is well worth keeping ups with your eyebrows.

Before starting, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First of all, your eyebrows are more like sisters than twins. They are very similar but they are not exactly alike – so don’t try to force that. Also, plucking can be painful for some people. If that is you then you can minimize the pain by plucking right after a shower or by holding an ice cube on the area before hand.

You should also be careful to only pull out a single hair at a time. Pulling more than one can result in a ‘bald’ spot- and pain.

Things you will need – a mirror, an eyebrow pencil, tweezers, an eyebrow brush, and a makeup sponge.

You probably already have your ideal arch in mind – but be realistic. You can only have what your body can give you. Use your eyebrow pencil to draw on your arch. Then use your eyebrow brush to brush the hairs up.

You are now ready to pluck away the hairs that are outside the drawn on eyebrow lines. Most of your plucking will be done from the underneath of the arch and in between the brows. You should leave the end of the brow near the nose fuller. This helps to give the arch effect. After you have completely pulled all the hairs from under and between the arches you should then brush the hairs downward and pluck any stray hairs above the lines of the drawn on eyebrows.

Finish the process by using your makeup sponge to clean away the remaining eyebrow pencil marks and brushing the hairs back into place. You should now have great looking brows!


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