Old School Looks And New Age Beauty!

Old School Looks And New Age Beauty!

What do you consider old school looks and new age beauty? When you think about it, we have taken great efforts in finding ways to improve our self appearance. This includes makeup, hair color, breast implants, clothing, or anything else that can change the way we look. And when we closely evaluate these things we can probably all agree that they are not necessary – but at the same time – they do make a great difference for those of us that are interested.

If you’re like most people, when you watch older movies you are amused at the hair styles, clothing, and even at the eyeglasses. For years people did not seem to have any real preferences about the ‘style’ of eye glass frames they wore. However, the designs were limited so the choices were also limited.

Nowadays we have choices when it comes to just about everything – including eyeglasses. In fact, we can even choose to wear contact lenses, or we can go with lenses that make our eyes appear to be a different color, or, if we are daring enough, we can opt to have corrective surgery for our flawed vision.

With so many options available in eye glass frames some people wear glasses that do not have prescriptions. They wear them for the style!

Everything has changed over the years. But as they say, fashion is cyclic. Have you noticed that the ‘cat eye’ frames have come and gone over the years. There are many fashions that come in style and then go out of style as time goes by.

This even applies to makeup. Pay attention – right now the trend is a more natural look with a focus on the lips and the eyes. In fact, red lipsticks are ‘in’ right now. Let’s face it, different colors and tones come in and go out of style in makeup too. Not so long ago it was very fashionable to wear heavy makeup but now we are going light. Do you think that trend was influenced by mineral makeup? Perhaps. What do you think is the real difference between old school looks and new age beauty?

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