Making Your Eyes Beautiful With False Eyelashes

Making Your Eyes Beautiful With False Eyelashes

This is the era of the eyes. There’s a trend toward leaving the overall appearance of the face with a more natural look and focusing in on the eyes and lips. This is a very flattering look for almost everyone, and it’s a look that nearly anyone can master with a little bit of help. The help may come in the form of eyeliner and mascara, but for some of us, a bit more help is appreciated. Making your eyes beautiful with false eyelashes is not as difficult as you may think. CHECK OUT These Great Savings On False Eyelashes

Stigma Related To Wearing False Eyelashes?

You are probably like a lot of other women that do not wear false eyelashes – you haven’t tried them because you don’t know how to apply them, or maybe you don’t know what type to buy, or you avoid them because you’ve seen some other women that look ridiculous in them. And of course, you may just be one of those lucky ladies with naturally beautiful lashes.

The good news is, with the right false eyelashes your eyes will be more beautiful than ever and the look will be one of glamour. Plus, if you use the right false eyelashes and the right application technique, applying them and getting the desired results is easy. I suggest using ‘Invisiband’ false eyelashes. The strip will be clear, making it easier to get professional results. Great Site For Great Deals On False Eyelashes

Steps To Making Your Eyes Beautiful With False Eyelashes

#1 — Make sure your eyelids and the area surrounding your eyes is clean and oil-free.

#2 — Test for sizing. Before adding glue, place each false eyelash on your lids to check to see if the lash is too wide for your eyelid. It probably will be. Just snipe away a few hairs at a time until you achieve a comfortable fit.

#3 — You may find that the length of the lashes is longer than you like. If so, keep in mind that once you trim them the lashes are forever trimmed – so use caution and carefully trim away a very small amount at a time. Never trim straight across the lashes – it is better to cut into them with a single snipe at a time – the result will be a much more natural look.

#4 — To apply you will need to add a small amount of eyelash glue to the clear part of the strip. One easy way to do this is to place a small ‘droplet’ of glue on a flat surface and use a toothpick to apply it to the strip. Use both hands to hold the lash and place on your lid next to your own lashes. You will have up to about a minute to adjust the lash strip. You can use tweezers to make any necessary adjustments. Great Selection Of Eye Makeup, False Eyelashes & More!

How To Remove False Eyelashes

When you’re ready to take the lashes off you will want to use a gentle approach. Start with the edge of the lash that is next to your nose and gently and slowly pull off toward your ear. If the lash seems to be difficult to remove you can apply a small amount of water, let it have a few seconds to work, and then continue removing the eyelash.

How To Clean False Eyelashes

Cleaning false eyelashes is easy, but it is a delicate process. Place your lashes on a counter or other smooth surface and apply a small amount of water. You can use a mist spray from a spray bottle or just add a few drops of water. Wait about a minute or two and then use your fingers or finger nails to remove any glue on the strip. Do not pull glue through the hairs, instead, pull it off from the strip side. To give your lashes a well-groomed look you can actually comb them out. Allow time for the lashes to dry before wearing or storing.

Best Resource For False Eyelashes

False Eyelashes On Your Pillow!

You can even sleep with your false eyelashes on. Of course, if you take showers you will soften and dissolve the glue and your eyelashes won’t make it through the ordeal. But if you take tub baths or avoid excessive water on your face, keeping the lashes dry, you can sleep in them. But don’t be surprised or alarmed if you find a wispy strip of hairs on your pillow the next morning. And if you do, don’t panic -just clean your lashes and they will be ready for wearing again.False Eyelashes


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