Makeup Tips for Teens

Makeup Tips for Teens

7 Makeup Strategies for Teenage Girls

Makeup is something appreciated by nearly every female – old and young alike. But the makeup strategies for teenage girls are a little different than the techniques used by older, more mature women. In general, makeup tips for teens focus on a lighter application of products. Whether you are a teenager yourself, or you want to help a teen look her best, these tips will help.

An important note is, most teens look fabulous with nothing more than moisturized skin, eyeliner and lip balm. When you do use makeup you should check your look in different types of light. Even a good makeup application can sometimes need a little adjustment for certain types of lighting. And remember that when it comes to makeup for teens, less is almost always the best option. The goal is to let your natural beauty shine through.

1 — Moisturize. Even though you may think moisture is the last thing your face needs, applying makeup directly to unmoisturized skin can result in dryness and other damage. Plus, your overall makeup application will tend to look amateurish and unprofessional.

2 — Use a foundation. A foundation sets the groundwork for a beautiful makeup look. It helps to even out your skin tone and cover flaws. A bronzer can be used to add a ‘tan’ or glow that will add a boost to your natural coloring. A little blush can be added to the apples of the cheeks. The key is to use your makeup products in moderation. Your goal is to enhance your youthful beauty – not cover it up.

3 — Don’t forget the powder. A light application of powder can help smooth out the look of your foundation. It also helps to blend the blush and to set your makeups.

4 — Brown eyeliner. Most teens look best in brown eyeliner. This should be applied to the area where your eyelashes grow out from your eyelids – carefully apply the liner to the area closes to the eye.

5 — Match eye shadows to eyes. The color of your eye shadow should be based on the color of your eyes and your skin tone. In general, you should apply the lightest color on the inner eyelid and below the brow. The darkest color or shade should be used for the outer side of the eyelid and a medium color of eye shadow can be used on the middle of the eye lid. The colors should be blended so there is a smooth transition from one color to the next.

6 — Soft lips with shimmering natural color. Keep your lips soft with a great lip balm. Many are lightly tinted and they come in great flavors. Then add a light or clear lip gloss to enhance your natural lip color and to add a little shimmer and shine.

7 — Define your eyes. Mascara is the perfect way to define and add interest to your eyes. Mascara makes your eyelashes appear longer and fuller – thus making your eyes seem larger.

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