How To Have Gorgeous Eyes That Appear Larger

How to Have Gorgeous Eyes That Appear Larger

Your eyes are the focal point of your face – no pun intended. And the reality is, all eye colors and eye shapes can be beautiful. And with a few makeup tips you can certainly enhance that natural beauty. Follow the tips below to make your eyes appear larger and more glamorous.

#1 — Begin by ensuring that your eyelids and eye areas are free from dirt, oil and grime. After gently cleaning the eyelids and surrounding areas you can use a tissue to gently wipe away any remaining oil. Starting with a clean and oil-free surface will help ensure your eye makeup will stay in place.

#2 — Use a very light color, such as light beige or off white eye shadow on your eyelids. Avoid shimmery or iridescent shadows.

#3 — Apply mascara on both the upper and lower lashes. Curling your lashes can add to the glam look, and if you really want great looking eyes you should add false eyelashes.

#4 — Eyeliner should be applied but keeping the liner soft will give a more glamorous look. Experiment a bit to determine the best look for you, for example, you may want to extend the liner a bit past the lashes.

#5Apply eyeshadow – choose a color shade from a brown, dark brown, or gray color pallet. To make the eyes appear larger you should apply the shadow above the upper eyelid, on and above the eye socket. Allow the powder to go all the way around the outside and down to the lower eyelid – at that point the shadow should taper off and a more narrow application should continue in toward the nose. Always smudge the edges so you avoid any hard edges.


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