How To Choose The Right Lipstick

How To Choose The Right Lipstick

Trying to choose the right lipstick presents problems for most of us. We see all the beautiful colors – at the stores and on the lips of models, and we want them. The problem is, not every color looks great with every skin tone.

We want a lipstick that works for us – one that matches our style.

Fortunately, there are some simple steps and tips you can use to choose the right lipstick. The first thing to consider is your skin undertones and the color – the natural color, of your lips. Skin undertones are described as warm, cool, or neutral. According to information found at the Mineral Makeup Reviews website, you can determine the undertone of your skin by checking the underside of your arm. Those of us that have bluish appearing veins are cool toned. If the veins appear to be greenish, we are warm toned.

The next step is simply matching your lipstick colors – or rather, the undertone of your lipsticks to your skin undertone. In other words, those with cool skin undertones (bluish appearing veins), will want to use lipsticks that have a cooler undertone color or shade. This will include reds and pinks.

Lipsticks with warm undertones include colors like plum, wine, corals, and oranges. So if your veins have a greenish tone, those lipstick colors are right for you. And as you may have guessed – those that have a neutral skin undertone can wear any lipstick color at all.

In general, you should wear lighter lipstick shades during the day and darker in the evening hours. Sheer colors with a matte or cream finish are ideal for daytime wear. They give a more refined look. Going out after dark calls for a glossy finish that will help give your lips a sexy shimmer.

Most makeup counters offer a try before you buy option. Take advantage of those offers. Another idea is to shop for inexpensive lipsticks at discount department stores and dollar stores. This is a great to find a shade you like – and you can always upgrade to a more expensive brand later.

Lipliner helps keep your lipstick in place. It should be applied before you apply lipstick. And you should select a liner that is the same shade as your natural lips.

Your lips have to work with the rest of your face – and your facial makeup. If you are wearing a bold shade of lipstick color, you should use a lighter shade of eye makeup. This prevents an overdone look and allows one facial feature to standout. The same holds true if you are using a darker or heavier eye makeup application. In that case lighter, more natural shades of lipstick are more complementary and balancing.

Regardless of your skin tone, you will find there are several shades of colors that work well for you. Find the ones that work best and have fun. Makeup offers lots of opportunities to change your look from time to time. Take advantage of this and play with the colors that work for you!


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