How To Apply Bronzer

How to Apply Bronzer

A little color or tan can go a long way toward making you healthy and refreshed. It can also add a slimming effect. But we all know that tanning beds and natural sunshine can be very damaging to our skin. It tends to dry it out and result in early signs of aging. Fortunately, there are ways to achieve a healthy glow – without damaging your skin. A bronzer is the leading choice of many health and beauty conscious individuals. But before using one of these products you should first learn the basics of how to apply bronzer.

You can choose either a powder, liquid, bead, mouse, stick, or cream formula. Bronzers can be used to achieve the look of a natural tan or you can use them to even out your skin tone. When using bronzers you should eliminate or at least limit the use of foundation.

Powder bronzers are ideal for those with sensitive or oily skin. To apply a powder bronzer you should use a large sized brush. Your goal is to achieve a soft dusting effect. Begin by dabbing your brush into the bronzer. And just as you would with any powder product, you should lightly tap the brush to remove any excess.

If you are working to get an all over tan effect on your face, you will want to pay close attention to your cheekbones, chin, nose and around your eyes. The goal is to create a naturally tanned look – which means you should add more color on the areas of your face that usually tan well.

Cream and liquid bronzers are ideal for anyone with dry skin, but they can be used by almost anyone. A sponge should be used in the application of cream bronzers. As you apply the product you should work in circular motions. Cream bronzers are ideal for use on the face, shoulders and breasts. They can also be used on your arms and legs. Be sure to wash your hands immediately after applying bronzer.

Keep in mind that bronzers offer only a temporary color effect. They wash away when you shower or swim. Ideally, bronzers should only be applied to clean, exfoliated skin. And you should choose a color that will look natural on you. If your skin is fair a dark shade will look very unnatural. It is best to choose a shade that is only 2 to 3 shades darker than your natural skin tone. Some bronzers contain a subtle shimmer, which adds a luminous effect to your skin.

One of the keys of applying bronzer is to ensure that you get an even application. You should keep in mind that a lighter application will look more natural than a heavier one – it is also easier to achieve an even coverage.

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