Facts About Concealers

Facts About Concealers

It’s Difficult to Talk about Makeup without At Least Mentioning Concealers….

Every woman should have a trusty concealer in her makeup supplies. But you should be advised, finding a concealer that works for you may not be as simple as you would like. Good concealers can be found at beauty supply stores, online boutiques, department stores and even drug stores.

But this availability does not solve the all important component – you have to know how to correctly apply concealers or even the best of them will seemingly be worthless.The good news is, concealers are available at all price ranges and you can definitely find one that is a perfect match to your skin tone. In fact, you should have more than one shade of concealer handy.

Concealers are used to cover imperfections (real or perceived) and of course, some of these imperfections will be more difficult to conceal than others. Neutralizing concealers can be used to correct discolorations like dark circles under the eyes. These work by going back to the color wheel basics of using the opposite color of the discoloration on the color wheel.

Green concealers will work well in covering red discolorations such as acne. Ideally, you will use a concealer brush when applying a green concealer. This makes it easier to blend out the edges of the concealer color. You can then use a skin-toned concealer over top of the green or simply use your foundation.

Yellow neutralizing concealers can help make your face appear refreshed and alive – which is perfect for days when you’re feeling a little tired or sick. The yellow hues tend to reduce red and pink tones which mean it can cover acne scars and blotchiness. Because yellow is the opposite of purple and blue on the color wheel, these concealers can also be used to cover dark circles under the eyes, dark spots, and veins or bruises. A purple neutralizing concealer can be used to brighten pale or sallow skin. This type of concealer is ideal for women with olive complexions.

Concealer brushes are perhaps the best way to get a smooth application of the product. Begin by dotting the concealer on the areas of concern. Then blend the concealer out just beyond the problem area. Keep in mind that less is more so you will need to use a small amount and build up more if needed.

Colored concealers should be followed with skin-toned concealers or a foundation. Keep in mind that your foundation application must be light and it must be applied with a very gentle touch. If not you run the risk of ruining the work you have already completed.And while there is more to know about applying your facial makeup – these facts about concealers are an important foundation for your makeup application.

A light application of face powder will ‘set’ your facial makeup.

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