Creating Sexy Eyes With Makeup

Creating Sexy Eyes With Makeup

If you’re not used to applying eye makeup then the idea of creating sexy eyes with makeup may sound ludicrous. But the truth is, there are some simple techniques you can use that will work to create sexy eyes – and you don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to get professional-looking results. With a little practice you will feel like a pro!

Sexy eyes begin with sexy eyelashes. If your lashes are thin or too short, you may want to take some steps to get them fuller and thicker. LiLash is the perfect remedy. This is a product you can order online that works to improve your own lashes. Ladies – consider this, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, why not be kind to yourself and guarantee that you’ll – Get the Gift You Really Want! Free 2nd Day or $10 Overnight Shipping! Use Coupon: VDAYLASTMIN

Eyeliner helps to ‘keep your eye makeup in place’, but it also helps to define the eyes. And this is where you can play around and even get a little creative. Do you like the ‘cat eye’ look? Then allow your eyeliner to slightly trail upward at the outer corners of your eyes. Do you like the smudged look of mystery? Then you can use a thicker liner and actually – very tenderly – smudge the liner under your lower lids. Remember that less is more – so begin with a very small ‘smudge’ to see if you like the effect.

The more you play around and practice, the better you will get at applying eyeliner. And the outcome will be that you will find a look you love – a love that may become your signature look. No matter if you’re 17 or 77, all women are beautiful – and the right makeup can definitely help us enhance that natural beauty!

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You should use a waterproof mechanical eye pencil to carefully line your upper and lower eyelids. While black is the ‘traditional’ color of choice for eyeliner, why not try a smokey grey or even a fabulous shade of brown. This will give your eyes a more interesting and intriguing look.

Keep in mind that just as you prepare your face for makeup, your eyelids should be prepared for eyeshadow. To begin, ensure that your eyelids are completely clean and free from residue of makeup or lotions. Next, lightly dust your eyelids with face powder. These steps will help keep your eye makeup on longer and it will go on smoother. The powder also helps to minimize ‘creasing’ in the eyelid crevices.

Choose your eye shadow colors based on your skin tone and your eye color. In general, you should use a light to medium shade on the inner section of your eyelid, a lighter shade in the center, and a darker shade on the outer section. If you like, a small amount of the darker shade of shadow can also be added under your lower lashes.

Just below your eyebrow you can use either a shade of blush or a light shade of eye shadow. Always apply eyeshadow with a quality eye shadow brush. Once you have used superior makeup brushes you will understand why they are so important. e.l.f. Brushes. All Makeup Brushes Only $1

Even if your own lashes are lovely, you will still want to enhance their beauty with quality mascara. A waterproof version will help ensure your gorgeous makeup application won’t be smudged or ruined by tears or other unpredictable circumstances. Although mascara brushes vary from one product to another, all are intended to separate the lashes as the mascara is applied – and the mascara should help thicken and lengthen your lashes.

The final step is to take a close look in the mirror. Check for any ‘clean ups’ you may need to do. If you find a little ‘mess up’, don’t panic. Just use a regular cotton swab – get it damp, you can even use a mild moisturizing soap if you like, and lightly dab at the ‘mess up’. Once you have cleaned up the mess you may need to reapply some of your makeup. Because you can always ‘fix’ anything you mess up – creating sexy eyes with makeup is simple!

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