Classified Ads

Classified Ads


Makeup Tips Express

- whether a beginner or a makeup artist, Makeup Tips Express is designed to offer information that will help women choose and apply makeup and learn about beauty regimens, products and more that can help women enhance their natural beauty. {03/12~03/13}

Body, Mind, & Spirit

Fit Inside & Out

- Fit Inside & Out is a unique self-improvement site with a focus on the health of body, mind, and spirit. Content covers everything from yoga and tai chi to basic stress management, ways to become more creative, and much more. {03/12~03/13}

Business Opportunities

Business Services

Computers, Phones & Gadgets


Employment Opportunities

Employment Services


Women’s Fashions

- from fashion tips to the history of various styles and more, this site is a great resource for ideas and tips about current, past and future fashion trends and designs. {03/12~03/13}

1940′s Fashions

If you love the style of the 1940′s you will appreciate the information this site provides. Find out where to find fashions of the 40′s, how to choose the styles that will flatter you, and much more! {03/12~03/13}

Finances & Money

Food & Beverages

Gifts & Holidays

Santa Letter Factory

It’s Christmas year ’round at this site. Whether you’re interested in finding great gift ideas, ways to make some spending money for Christmas, or you want to learn about he history and traditions of the holiday or just get some ideas related to Christmas decor, this site is for you. {03/12~03/13}


Acne Clear Away

Anyone that is bothered with acne knows that this health issue can be frustrating, bothersome, and even embarrassing. Acne Clear Away offers information about home remedies and other methods of preventing and eliminating acne problems. [03/12~03/13}

Hobbies & Entertainment

Only Woodworking

- this site is a valuable resource for anyone interested in woodworking. It provides woodworking plans and informative articles, tips and advice. {03/12~03/13}

Home & Garden

Home Decorating & More

This website is the place to visit for information about home decorating, home automation, ways to make a home energy efficient, and facts about getting rid of termites and bed bugs. {03/12~03/13} 

Shoestring Gardening

Get money-saving, eco-friendly gardening ideas that will help even the novice gardener be more creative and successful. Learn about homemade soil amendments and ways to grow organic vitamin rich vegetables. {03/12~03/13}


Insurance Terms And Quotes

- this site is designed to be an all-in-one resource for all types of insurance. Visitors to the site enjoy the helpful information and links to insurance providers and resources. {03/12~03/13}


Buy and Sell Jewelry

Things We Buy has been in the diamond buying and jewelry buying business for almost 20 years and with hundreds of thousands of satisfied customer. We buy and sell jewelry and remain an experienced source for converting diamonds, watches, gold, platinum, and fine jewelry into cash. {08/12~08/13}

Platinum Jewelry Buyer

Recycle Platinum is a seasoned platinum jewelry buyer established in 1990 to buy and recycle platinum, gold, and fine jewelry items. {08/12~08/13}


The Things Women Want

- this site offers information about everything from fashion and travel to home decor, gardening, work at home ideas, self-help and much more. 'The Things Women Want' is a fun and informative online magazine for women. {03/12~03/13}


Real Estate

Real Estate Buying Basics

- Real Estate Buying Basics provides informative articles and helpful resources for anyone interested in investing in, buying, selling, or renting real estate. In addition, real estate professions are discussed. {03/12~03/13}




Sports Betting

- Only Sports Betting is a valuable resource for those individuals that want to learn more about online betting and various strategies and systems that result in improved winning odds. {03/12~03/13}


Sweet Travel Tips

- this site offers information about packing, choosing travel destinations, ways to save money on travel expenses, travel safety and other issues related to travel. {03/12~03/13}


Shabby Chic Wedding Ideas

- Shabby Chic Wedding Ideas is more than just a wedding site, this website provides advice, tips and strategies that help brides and grooms create gorgeous weddings - even if they are working with a very limited budget. {03/12~03/13}

Weight Loss

Eat Right, Lose Weight, Feel Great

- More than a typical weight loss site, Eat Right, Lose Weight, Feel Great, is dedicated to providing helpful information and resources that promote a healthy approach to weight loss and fitness. {03/12~03/13}

Pounds Away

-This is an informative 30-day, no diet-diet plan. You will learn about metabolism, how it works and how to speed it up, as well as tips & tricks that result in a healthy lifestyle - which leads to weight loss and better overall health. {03/12~03/13}

Work At Home

Write For Profit

- Write For Profit is a one-off lifetime membership site that provides learning modules, downloads and much more that will help anyone improve their online writing skills. In addition to information about writing techniques the site also provides tips about Internet marketing strategies and models. {03/12~03/13}


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