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These eBook collections are available as an immediate download. Each collection consists of 17 eBooks for $10. That means they are only about 58 cents each!

After paying via PayPal you will be able to immediately download your eBooks. PayPal is a secure way to pay online and the system offers several payment options. You can use credit cards or eChecks, or of course, pay with your PayPal account if you have one.

You do not need Kindle or any other special type of reader to access the eBooks. You can read them directly from your computer screen or you can print them out and read them when it is convenient for you.

Ebook Collection – Package A

1. 151 Ultimate Beauty Secrets
This book covers all types of beauty and skin care tips.
41 pages

2. Acne Treatments 101
You will learn the basics about acne, including ways to prevent acne and how to treat it.
48 pages

3. Curing Halitosis the Natural Way
Halitosis, or bad breath, can be caused by many things. And, it can be cured in some surprising ways. This ebook will teach you those methods.
37 pages

4. Get Rid of Warts, Moles and Skin Tags the Natural Way
You'll learn about the causes of moles and warts and whether they are contagious or are symptoms of something more serious. The ebook also discusses natural ways to get rid of moles and warts.
37 pages

5. Guide to Natural Beauty Tips
This is another guide to beauty tips – these are all natural of course.
26 pages

6. Handling the Sun and Sunburn Naturally
As the title suggests, the ebook covers ways to deal with being in the sun as well as what to do when you get too much sun.
50 pages

7. How to Achieve a Healthy White Smile
This ebook tells you about ways to get whiter teeth without the aid of expensive products.
41 pages

8. Natural Treatments for Dandruff
With this book you will learn about ways to treat dandruff using natural products. In many cases you may already have these things at home.
32 pages

9. Skin Care Package
This ebook is all about skin care. Basically it covers healthy things you can do that will result in beautiful skin.
25 pages

10. Secrets to Looking & Feeling Younger
This ebook provides tips to healthy ideas for living longer and keeping yourself 'younger' inside and out as you age. You'll look as good as you feel.
44 pages

11. Wrinkle Reduction & Skin Rejuvenation
As the name indicates, the ebook focuses on keeping your skin supple and wrinkle free – or at least minimizing wrinkles.
68 pages

12. 40 Ways to Get Rid of or Prevent Stretch Marks
Whether your stretch marks are from a pregnancy, weight gain, or early development, you probably want to get rid of them. This ebook will help.
17 pages

13. Sunless Tanning Guide
This ebook covers a variety of topics related to tanning, including of course, using sunless tanning products.
38 pages

14. 250 Bath and Body Recipes
If you're interested in making your own baths for various purposes, such as to help you sleep or even for emotional balance, this ebook is for you. You'll learn how to make soaps, powders, bubble baths, and more.
78 pages

15. Understanding Acne
With this ebook you get 51 pages of information about acne, its causes, ways to prevent it, and ways to treat it.
51 pages

Okay – with each package you will also receive 2 Bonus Items – Package A bonus ebooks are listed below:

Dress Making
This is the ideal ebook for anyone that is just learning to sew or that wants to refresh their memory about the basics. It covers everything from how to choose fabrics to how to measure and more.
33 pages

Yoga Basics Plus
Yoga is a great stress reliever and it works to tone your muscles. If you would like to learn the basics of Yoga, this ebook is a great way to get started.
51 pages

That's 17 ebooks for only $10 – That's about 58 cents each! How can you go wrong?


Ebook Collection – Package B

1. 30 Lip Balm & Gloss Recipes
This ebook provides recipes for making your own lip balms and lip gloss.
36 pages

2. 504 Relaxing Bath & Body Recipes
Making your own bath and body products can be a fun hobby and it can save you some money. Plus, if you like making gift baskets for friends, you can add your home-created products to truly make the basket personalized.
198 pages

3. How to Make Your Own Perfume
Ever thought about making your own perfume? It's not as difficult as you might think. You'll learn how with this ebook.
27 pages

4. Lip Gloss, Massage Oil, & Body Spray Recipes
This ebook offers a little more of a variety in the recipes provided. It covers massage oils, body spray and lip gloss.
13 pages

5. Advanced Acne Elimination
This ebook goes beyond the basics that you find in most online information related to acne treatments and prevention.
30 pages

6. Bad Breath
Learn about the causes of bad breath and how you can cure it and prevent it.
27 pages

7. Bath & Body – Pamper Yourself from Head to Toe
Information about caring for your feet, hands, nails, and all over body care.
13 pages

8. Beauty Tips
This is a comprehensive guide to beauty care and tips. It covers everything from stretch marks to sunless tanning and contact lenses.
21 pages

9. Caring for Your Hair
As the title indicates, this ebook offers tips regarding ways to care for your hair. Ways to treat and prevent dandruff are discussed as well as tips for baby hair care, organic hair care, vegan hair care, and much more.
24 pages

10. Hair Loss Prevention
Hair loss is not a problem that only men deal with – many women find that as they age their hair begins to thin out. This ebook offers ways to help prevent that.
51 pages

11. Mole Removal – How to Completely Remove Moles and Warts Naturally!
This ebook covers information about moles and warts, including their causes, and how doctors deal with them, as well as natural ways to get rid of them.
27 pages

12. Natural Beauty
Learn about skin care products that help to bring out your natural beauty. You'll learn what to look for in skin care products.
26 pages

13. Staying Young
This ebook focuses on living a healthy lifestyle as well as having a mindset that will help you stay young and in fact, help you be more successful.
26 pages

14. Teeth Whitening – From Yellow to Ivory White
This ebook discusses both, the professional teeth whitening treatments as well as simple, natural ones you can do at home.
25 pages

15. The Woman Beautiful
This ebook, copyright 1899, covers all types of 'beauty tips' for ladies. The fact that the information is from so long ago makes it interesting.
79 pages

Below Are the Two Bonus Items For Package B

Mehndi – Henna
Learn about the beautiful ancient body art of Mehndi – Henna and how to create your own. It's as interesting and lovely as tattoos, but it comes without the risks and long term commitment.
30 pages

The Natural Cellulite Solution
This ebook discusses cellulite, what it is, medical treatments, spa treatments, and over the counter treatments, as well as natural and unconventional cellulite solutions.
32 pages

So with Package B, my gift to you is that you will receive all 17 ebooks for only $10.

After paying via PayPal you will be able to immediately download your ebooks. You do not need Kindle or any other special type of reader to access the ebooks. You can read them directly from your computer screen or you can print them out and read them when it is convenient.

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