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Thank you for your interest in advertising with Makeup Tips Express.  This site provides all types of information related to makeup and beauty and skin care. You’ll find everything from home recipes for beauty care to articles about the ingredients in makeup and how to use the latest makeup application techniques and products.

Overall the popularity of this site is on the increase, but keep in mind that Alexa and Google rankings do change on a daily basis. Please feel free to investigate the site’s popularity ranking.

Ad Rates


I am happy to work with you to find the best advertising options for you and or your clients. Whether you prefer banner ads, purchasing links, or placing classified ads, I can offer various affordable opportunities.
Six months for the price of five or twelve months for the price of nine


Banner Ads


Banner ad spaces available at (online magazine for women)


468×60 – Top = $500 per month
468×60 – Bottom = $400 per month
160×600 – Right sidebar = $300 per month
240×400 – Right sidebar = $250 per month
250×250 – Right sidebar = $200 per month
125×125 – Right sidebar = $150 per month

Banner Ad Rates for similar banner ad spaces at my other sites:

468×60 – Top = $400 per month
468×60 – Bottom = $300 per month
160×600 – Right sidebar = $200 per month
240×400 – Right sidebar = $150 per month
250×250 – Right sidebar = $100 per month
125×125 – Right sidebar = $75 per month

Please note – All banner ads paid for upon order for 6 or 12 months will receive huge discounts – Get six months for the price of five, or twelve months of banner ads for the price of nine…

Check out this list of my other sites offering ad space opportunities: (focus is on women's fashions) (this site focuses on weddings) (focus is on makeup, bath & body products, perfumes, etc.) (covers all travel related topics) (self-improvement site with a focus on body, mind, and spirit) (healthy weight loss and fitness information) (offers information about buying, selling, renting & more) (all topics related to insurance are discussed)

Please visit the site(s) you are interested in buying ad space at and contact me with your preferences related to ad type, placement and other details.

The following format is typically used for banner ads:

<p><a href=""><img alt="Write For Profit" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-8431" height="205" src="" title="WFP-17" width="265" /></a></p>

Should you decide to place banners on any of my sites, please contact me with your request. It is your responsibility to supply the banner code. I will install the banner(s) and allow 24 hours for you to approve the location, etc. before you pay anything. Upon approval payment will be accepted via PayPal payment options.

Special savings are offered for purchase of long-term ads – get 6 months of ads for the price or 5, or 12 months for the price of 9. Full payment is required upon order to enjoy these savings.





[Introductory Offer]


Purchase permanent links in existing posts. Choose the post and the keyword link.

Special introductory link fees at :

$40 per link
30 links for $600
15 links for $350

Introductory Link fees at other sites:

$30 per link
30 links for $500
15 links for $300

Simply choose the exact post and the keywords you want to purchase a link from. I will add the links upon payment. In addition to the above offer, you may also want to consider scheduling an ongoing purchase of links each month. Contact me to create a customized link purchase package that works for you.




Classified ads are a cost-effective way for businesses to enjoy the benefits of advertising without committing to a long-term or expensive campaign. These are text only ads and the fee is $25 per calendar month.

No minimum order is required – you can book your ad for one month or for 12, it's up to you. However, if you book 3 months in succession you will get the 3 ads for $60 instead of $75.

$25 per month
$60 – 3 months
$110 – 6 months
$200 – 12 months

Ads are limited to 55 words – and the company name or your logo will be linked to your site. Please check out the existing classified ads to see how the listings appear.

My other sites also offer a "Classified Ads" page.

Ads on these pages are offered at $20 per calendar month. Savings plans provide 3 months in succession for $45

$20 per month
$45 – 3 months
$80 – 6 months
$150 – 12 months

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