2012 Spring & Summer Makeup

2012 Spring & Summer Makeup

When you first see the ‘new’ collections for 2012 spring & summer makeup, you may not see anything that stands out. And in fact, there really isn’t that much that’s completely new, it’s just the way that it will all come together that makes it different. And if you happen to like the natural look or you prefer wearing just a little makeup – this may be your year. The idea is to use your face as a palette for your eyes or perhaps your lips (or both) to pop. With that said, foundations and your blush should have a natural appearance. Concealers are advised and tinted moisturizers can replace the use of foundations.

It’s been said that the eyes say it all, and this spring and summer, that will definitely be the case – but in a subtle sort of way. The goal is to draw attention to your eyes – but not really to your eye shadow. Your lashes and eyeliner will be very important. You might want to consider purchasing LiLash. This product comes with a 90 day money back guarantee – it will enhance the looks of your lashes. Beautiful lashes and carefully applied liner will make your eyes gorgeous.

Eye shadow colors will be soft and cool. Shades of greens, pinks and violets will be hot. You’ll even see yellow tones, some blues and grays, as well as tones of beige, nude, soft browns, and purple.

These subdued colors are meant to help make your eyes pop. In some cases, eye shadow may be completely omitted. And to enhance the look, dark (black) eyeliner and mascara should be used. Using pencil eyeliner across the waterline to create a smudged line will create an even more interesting look to the eyes. Another option is to apply eyeliner from about the outer third of the lid, working toward the outer corner. Gently add a sweep up motion toward the end. Then add eye pencil to the lower lash, and allow fading toward the middle/inner side – smudge slightly.

Lipsticks are the other thing that will stand out this year. For those ladies that prefer the ‘natural’ look, pinks and nudes will be perfect. And for ladies that prefer looking luscious, red lipsticks may be their choice. Other colors of interest this year include orange-reds, red-pinks, coral-reds, and various shades of orange. For help in choosing the right lipstick color for you, check this article. Nail lacquers will come in fun shades, including light lavenders, mauves, and soft greens. Shades of pinks and rose will also be popular.

One of the best things I have to share with you is the fact that you can get great makeup without spending much money at all. Just Shop e.l.f. Cosmetics – $1 Makeup. When you visit the site you’ll find all types of cosmetics – plus, makeup brushes. And the site includes reviews on their products, which is always helpful. So there you have it, you can easily wear and afford the 2012 spring & summer makeup fashions!

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