The Right Make-Up

Make-up to make your eyes and hair colour pop

If you’re anything like us you probably stick to the colours that you know and love, but what if you could upgrade your look and really make your eyes, features and complexions pop? Read on to discover the best colour combos for you by Cafe La Moda:


Blue – For daytime, bring out your gorgeous blue eyes with brown and neutral shades or a wash of lavender eyeshadow. For a little extra pizzazz, a line of metallic eyeshadow in gold, bronze or silver used as eyeliner on the top or bottom lashes will really make your eyes stand out. Finish off with lashings of mascara for full and fluttery lashes.

For an evening look try a classic smoky eye using smudgy blacks and charcoal grey. To make your eyes look bigger work a light grey into the inner corners of the eyes, blending into a darker grey at the corner. Dark blues, violets and silver also work brilliantly on blue eyes. Add a feline flick using shadow or liner for maximum impact.

Brown – Lucky you – you’ve got the easiest eye colour to work with and can pull off most colours beautifully. Try a champagne shade for daytime if you have fair skin, or a more intense colour if your skin is darker – blues and pale purple look great on you.

Up the ante for nighttime with a showstopping look – plum, forest green and dark greys really bring out the intensity of you dark brown eyes. Medium browns suit violet and bronze, and light and dark browns and bronze were made for light brown eyes.

Green – Green eyes really pop when lined with shades of lilac, plum and lavender. Gold, coppers and bronzes are also great on hazel or green peepers. Any colour with red undertones will really bring out your eyes: purples, dark green and browns. Avoid black mascara or eyeliner and instead opt for shades of brown or grey as they’re softer on your features and work better with the shades that suit you.


Blonde – Soft shades of make up and s/s’s hottest pastel hues best complement blonde hair, as does brown mascara and eyeliner. Sheer colours look gorgeous on you: try a peachy blush with highlighter, a rose pink on lips, a champagne wash of eyeshadow and a slick of bronze under the lower lashes, complete with flawless skin, of course.

Redheads – Warm tones such as copper and peach look stunning on redheads, as do earthy tones and olive green. Stick to pearlescent neutrals and browns or green on the lids with brown eyeliner to define the eyes. Stick to bright pinks or nude lipsticks and peach on the cheeks.

Brunette and black – Deep shades of brown on the eyes look simply stunning with your brunette locks. You can really pull off the smoky eye look with deep browns, greys and black. Dark pink and brick red blush really lifts your complexion and a nude or cherry lipstick will add the finishing touches to your look.

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How To Have Gorgeous Eyes That Appear Larger

How to Have Gorgeous Eyes That Appear Larger

Your eyes are the focal point of your face – no pun intended. And the reality is, all eye colors and eye shapes can be beautiful. And with a few makeup tips you can certainly enhance that natural beauty. Follow the tips below to make your eyes appear larger and more glamorous.

#1 — Begin by ensuring that your eyelids and eye areas are free from dirt, oil and grime. After gently cleaning the eyelids and surrounding areas you can use a tissue to gently wipe away any remaining oil. Starting with a clean and oil-free surface will help ensure your eye makeup will stay in place.

#2 — Use a very light color, such as light beige or off white eye shadow on your eyelids. Avoid shimmery or iridescent shadows.

#3 — Apply mascara on both the upper and lower lashes. Curling your lashes can add to the glam look, and if you really want great looking eyes you should add false eyelashes.

#4 — Eyeliner should be applied but keeping the liner soft will give a more glamorous look. Experiment a bit to determine the best look for you, for example, you may want to extend the liner a bit past the lashes.

#5Apply eyeshadow – choose a color shade from a brown, dark brown, or gray color pallet. To make the eyes appear larger you should apply the shadow above the upper eyelid, on and above the eye socket. Allow the powder to go all the way around the outside and down to the lower eyelid – at that point the shadow should taper off and a more narrow application should continue in toward the nose. Always smudge the edges so you avoid any hard edges.


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Making Your Eyes Beautiful With False Eyelashes

Making Your Eyes Beautiful With False Eyelashes

This is the era of the eyes. There’s a trend toward leaving the overall appearance of the face with a more natural look and focusing in on the eyes and lips. This is a very flattering look for almost everyone, and it’s a look that nearly anyone can master with a little bit of help. The help may come in the form of eyeliner and mascara, but for some of us, a bit more help is appreciated. Making your eyes beautiful with false eyelashes is not as difficult as you may think. CHECK OUT These Great Savings On False Eyelashes

Stigma Related To Wearing False Eyelashes?

You are probably like a lot of other women that do not wear false eyelashes – you haven’t tried them because you don’t know how to apply them, or maybe you don’t know what type to buy, or you avoid them because you’ve seen some other women that look ridiculous in them. And of course, you may just be one of those lucky ladies with naturally beautiful lashes.

The good news is, with the right false eyelashes your eyes will be more beautiful than ever and the look will be one of glamour. Plus, if you use the right false eyelashes and the right application technique, applying them and getting the desired results is easy. I suggest using ‘Invisiband’ false eyelashes. The strip will be clear, making it easier to get professional results. Great Site For Great Deals On False Eyelashes

Steps To Making Your Eyes Beautiful With False Eyelashes

#1 — Make sure your eyelids and the area surrounding your eyes is clean and oil-free.

#2 — Test for sizing. Before adding glue, place each false eyelash on your lids to check to see if the lash is too wide for your eyelid. It probably will be. Just snipe away a few hairs at a time until you achieve a comfortable fit.

#3 — You may find that the length of the lashes is longer than you like. If so, keep in mind that once you trim them the lashes are forever trimmed – so use caution and carefully trim away a very small amount at a time. Never trim straight across the lashes – it is better to cut into them with a single snipe at a time – the result will be a much more natural look.

#4 — To apply you will need to add a small amount of eyelash glue to the clear part of the strip. One easy way to do this is to place a small ‘droplet’ of glue on a flat surface and use a toothpick to apply it to the strip. Use both hands to hold the lash and place on your lid next to your own lashes. You will have up to about a minute to adjust the lash strip. You can use tweezers to make any necessary adjustments. Great Selection Of Eye Makeup, False Eyelashes & More!

How To Remove False Eyelashes

When you’re ready to take the lashes off you will want to use a gentle approach. Start with the edge of the lash that is next to your nose and gently and slowly pull off toward your ear. If the lash seems to be difficult to remove you can apply a small amount of water, let it have a few seconds to work, and then continue removing the eyelash.

How To Clean False Eyelashes

Cleaning false eyelashes is easy, but it is a delicate process. Place your lashes on a counter or other smooth surface and apply a small amount of water. You can use a mist spray from a spray bottle or just add a few drops of water. Wait about a minute or two and then use your fingers or finger nails to remove any glue on the strip. Do not pull glue through the hairs, instead, pull it off from the strip side. To give your lashes a well-groomed look you can actually comb them out. Allow time for the lashes to dry before wearing or storing.

Best Resource For False Eyelashes

False Eyelashes On Your Pillow!

You can even sleep with your false eyelashes on. Of course, if you take showers you will soften and dissolve the glue and your eyelashes won’t make it through the ordeal. But if you take tub baths or avoid excessive water on your face, keeping the lashes dry, you can sleep in them. But don’t be surprised or alarmed if you find a wispy strip of hairs on your pillow the next morning. And if you do, don’t panic -just clean your lashes and they will be ready for wearing again.False Eyelashes


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Saving Broken Makeup, Rescuing Thickened Nail Polish & Creating Better Brushes

Saving Broken Makeup, Rescuing Thickened Nail Polish & Creating Better Brushes

If you’re like me you hate to suddenly find that your favorite compact or eyeshadow is cracked or broken. Just as bad is discovering the nail polish you love is thick and drying out. And makeup brushes that are flimsy can be frustrating to use. But throwing out all these items can be expensive. The good news is, you don’t have to – read this article for tips about saving broken makeup, rescuing thickened nail polish and creating better brushes. Shop e.l.f. Cosmetics – $1 Makeup

Saving Broken Makeup – Saving Cracked Or Broken Pan Of Powdered Makeup

Let’s start with the basics, which is something we’ve all experienced at one time or another. You open a favorite compact only to find the pan of powder is broken and loose or perhaps you drop a pan of eyeshadow and it cracks into a hundred pieces. Don’t despair – you can repair this makeup! e.l.f. Nails. All Nail Polish, Files, Remover Pads Just $1!

First, I will give you the simple steps to repairing broken pans of makeup – then we will go into details of how you can be even more careful in the repair work. The things you need for basic repair are household rubbing alcohol and an object with a smooth surface – this can be just about anything – even a spoon will work. Get a free mystery gift bag for Leap Year with orders of $20 or more, and enter to win a $100 e.l.f. gift card! Use code LEAP 2/28-2/29!

Just add a few drops of alcohol to the loosened powder and press it into a smoothed out shape. Depending on the size of the pan of makeup you will likely need 3 to 5 drops of alcohol. After smoothing out the powder allow it to dry completely before using. e.l.f. Eyes. All Eye Makeup Just $1

If you want to take the extra steps you should begin by covering your broken makeup with a plastic sandwich bag. Insert the makeup into the bag and use a knife or similar object to ‘grind up’ any makeup that remains intact. After all the powder is loose you should then add enough rubbing alcohol to create a very thick consistency. Use the knife to smooth out the powder mix. Then you can cover the powder with a piece of cloth. Use a smooth surfaced item to press the powder and cloth into place. This will create a pattern on the top of your makeup. Remove the cloth and allow the makeup to thoroughly dry before using. We’re searching for the next Face of e.l.f. Could that be you? Enter the Beauty At All Ages contest and find out!

Rescuing Thickened Nail Polish

While you may not be able to make your nail polish last forever, you can rescue thickened nail polish that is on the verge of drying out. And all you need is nail polish thinner. Just add a few drops to your nail polish, replace the lid, and shake thoroughly. A nail polish remover that contains acetone also works. And believe it or not, you can even use household rubbing alcohol to help thin out your thick polish. e.l.f. Nails. All Nail Polish, Files, Remover Pads Just $1!

Creating Better Brushes

As promised, this article includes information about saving broken makeup, rescuing thickened nail polish and creating better brushes. If you’ve ever tried to apply makeup with a brush that just doesn’t cooperate, one that doesn’t have the firmness needed to accommodate your requirements, then you understand the frustrations that can result. Creating better brushes will remedy this problem and the way to do that is simple. In most cases you can simply use a pair of needle nose pliers to tighten down the metal clamp around the brush bristles. This forces a more compact and denser head on the brush, which makes it easier to control. e.l.f. Brushes. All Makeup Brushes Only $1

e.l.f. Generic 468x60

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Leap Year Mystery Cosmetics Gift Bags

Leap Year Mystery Cosmetics Gift Bags

The leap year is cause for celebration and our friends at E.L.F. Cosmetics recognize that. In honor of Leap Year they have come up with a unique promotion – with any purchase of $20 or more you will receive a Leap Year Mystery Cosmetics Gift Bag. In addition to these fun mystery gift bags, the cosmetic company is also giving away $100 E.L.F. gift cards. But you have to hurry, this offer is only good through February 29th. The coupon code to use is LEAP. Click on the link below to get in on this offer…

Get a free mystery gift bag for Leap Year with orders of $20 or more, and enter to win a $100 e.l.f. gift card! Use code LEAP 2/28-2/29!

e.l.f. – Offering Leap Year Mystery Cosmetics Gift Bags & Other Valuable Offers

As you probably already know, e.l.f. is a leader in the cosmetics industry. This company is recognized for providing top quality products at very affordable prices. Whether you happen to need basic makeup, mineral makeup, makeup brushes, or even makeup cases, E.L.F can provide just what you desire.

As a matter of fact, during this week you can Pick 6 Mineral Brushes – a $30 value, completely free with any purchase of $25 or more from e.l.f. cosmetics. Use coupon code MINBRUSH when ordering. To keep things simple, just click on the link below:

Pick 6 Mineral Brushes, a $30 value, free with any purchase of $25 or more from e.l.f. cosmetics! Use code MINBRUSH, 3/1-3/5.

Get Acquainted With E.L.F. During This Fabulous Leap Year Mystery Cosmetics Gift Bags Offer!

Don’t fall into the trap of believing you have to spend a lot to get quality makeup products. You really can find quality at low prices when you know which companies to shop with. E.L.F. (Eyes – Lips – Face) cosmetics will provide all the quality you would expect to find in products that cost much more. You owe it to yourself to check out the bargains this makeup company can provide. Taking advantage of their Leap Year Mystery Cosmetics Gift Bags offer is a great way to familiarize yourself with this fabulous makeup products supplier.

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Natural Remedies To Tighten And Close Pores

Natural Remedies To Tighten And Close Pores

Many females have concerns about skin imperfections – and a major issue for countless women is large skin pores. Large pores are generally related to an accumulation of excess oils. The good news is, there are some natural remedies to tighten and close pores.

Get Countless Beauty Tips For Only $10 – Package of 17 eBooks!

A healthy glowing skin surface is the basis for natural beauty. Some herbs and over the counter products can be ideal for smoothing out skin imperfections. When it comes to large pores the key is to remove the excess oils and that will allow the pores to tighten. Keep reading to learn about these simple remedies that you can do at home.

Witch Hazel – One of the most reliable natural remedies to tighten and close pores

Many skin care products contain the extractions of the herb witch hazel. Its healing and astringent properties, found in its tannins, help to rid your skin of excess oils. After the pores are clear and free from oil the witch hazel works to tighten the skin. This results in an overall smoother appearance of the skin.

Tips for using Witch Hazel to tighten and close pores

If you purchase Witch Hazel from a drug store rather than from a herbalist, be sure that it is not mixed with isopropyl alcohol. To use Witch Hazel simply add a small amount of the tincture to about ¼ cup of water. Use a clean cotton ball to apply the mixture to your skin. Then rinse away with clean water and pat dry.

Learn About Home Remedies For All Your Beauty Care Needs – CLICK HERE!

Rosemary – Another of the popular natural remedies to tighten and close pores

Because Rosemary has astringent as well as antibiotic properties, it can be used to tone and firm the skin. This herb is also frequently used in commercially prepared skin care products. The Rosemary essential oils work to remove toxins and excess oils from the skin – in fact, because of these properties, Rosemary can also be used to help treat acne.

Tips for using Rosemary to tighten and close pores

When purchasing Rosemary ensure that you are getting essential oil rather than fragrance oil. To use Rosemary to tighten and close pores simply put a few drops of Rosemary essential oil on a cotton ball. Use that to wipe away excess oils.

No matter what your beauty imperfections may be – there’s a home remedy you can use. From natural remedies to tighten and close pores, you’ll find countless other helpful tips and tricks in these beauty eBooks – get a collection of 17 books for only $10!

Beauty And Makeup Ebooks

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Budget Makeup Brands Can Be Fabulous

Budget Makeup Brands Can Be Fabulous

Unless you’ve never shopped for makeup you know that it can be very expensive. The good news – some budget makeup brands can be fabulous! That’s right, you do not have to purchase the premium brands to enjoy great results. In fact, many of these high-priced items promise to work near miracles – and many do not live up to their promises.

Budget makeup brands, the kind you can find at certain online dealers, in the grocery store, department stores and drug stores, are usually as good if not better than their higher priced cousins.

Budget Makeup Brands Have Lower Budgets

The sad thing is, many of these ‘budget makeup brands’ are dealing with smaller budgets than the better known companies. This makes it more difficult for the ‘word to get out’ about these cheaper makeup brands and therefore, fewer people are aware of them.

As you can imagine, most budget makeup brands do not get the write ups they deserve from the beauty media. In most cases you can truly count on the claims made by budget makeup brands – in other words, they are more apt to keep their claims to those that are basic and completely doable.

Truthful Claims Made By Budget Makeup Brands

For example, they may make claims about the shades of color provided by a mascara or lipstick. Premium brands of mascara may make claims about lengthening and thickening lashes. And premium brands of lipstick may make claims about the moisturizing qualities of a lipstick.

This does not mean that the budget makeup brands do not make any of these claims or that they can’t provide all that is claimed. But because budget brands are more restricted in advertising funds they are also more cautious in the claims they make.

You Can Save Money With Budget Makeup Brands

It may be true that some budget makeup brands are nothing more than cheap imitators of premium brands, but many of them are true quality products. In other words, you can confidently use many of these makeup products, you’ll get wonderful results, and you’ll save money.

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Old School Looks And New Age Beauty!

Old School Looks And New Age Beauty!

What do you consider old school looks and new age beauty? When you think about it, we have taken great efforts in finding ways to improve our self appearance. This includes makeup, hair color, breast implants, clothing, or anything else that can change the way we look. And when we closely evaluate these things we can probably all agree that they are not necessary – but at the same time – they do make a great difference for those of us that are interested.

If you’re like most people, when you watch older movies you are amused at the hair styles, clothing, and even at the eyeglasses. For years people did not seem to have any real preferences about the ‘style’ of eye glass frames they wore. However, the designs were limited so the choices were also limited.

Nowadays we have choices when it comes to just about everything – including eyeglasses. In fact, we can even choose to wear contact lenses, or we can go with lenses that make our eyes appear to be a different color, or, if we are daring enough, we can opt to have corrective surgery for our flawed vision.

With so many options available in eye glass frames some people wear glasses that do not have prescriptions. They wear them for the style!

Everything has changed over the years. But as they say, fashion is cyclic. Have you noticed that the ‘cat eye’ frames have come and gone over the years. There are many fashions that come in style and then go out of style as time goes by.

This even applies to makeup. Pay attention – right now the trend is a more natural look with a focus on the lips and the eyes. In fact, red lipsticks are ‘in’ right now. Let’s face it, different colors and tones come in and go out of style in makeup too. Not so long ago it was very fashionable to wear heavy makeup but now we are going light. Do you think that trend was influenced by mineral makeup? Perhaps. What do you think is the real difference between old school looks and new age beauty?

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Makeup School – Day 1

Makeup School – Day 1

If your goal is to learn about makeup application and the best way to use makeup to bring out your natural beauty, then you will want start with the basics. That’s what this article is all about – I’m calling it ‘Makeup School – Day 1′. So here you go – this article covers the basics…

If you visit this site very often you already know that you have natural beauty – all of us do. And you also probably know that your natural beauty becomes enhanced in some surprising ways. For instance, eating a healthy diet promotes beautiful skin that is free from flaws, that has a fresh glow and youthful appearance.

17 Beauty - Fashion - Health- Makeup EbooksA regular beauty skin care regimen can also help. This includes proper hygiene as well as daily moisturizing and protection from the harmful rays of the sun.

When it comes to makeup application you probably know that in most cases less is more. Makeup should be used to enhance your natural beauty – not cover it up.

Other tips related to makeup and beauty tips provided here at Makeup Tips Express include information about using some unexpected products as beauty products. In addition to that, this site stresses the fact that even inexpensive makeup can be quality makeup.

If you would like to begin your own library of beauty care eBooks CLICK HERE. The cost is extremely affordable – you can get an entire collection of 17 eBooks for only $10. There are two different eBook packages available. Buy one or buy both – at this price you really can’t go wrong!

17 Beauty - Makeup Ebooks

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Do You Eat To Be Beautiful?

Do You Eat To Be Beautiful?

What if instead of applying makeup you could simply take the time to eat to be beautiful? Well – you can! And this is not necessarily referring to counting calories. What this is referring to is eating healthy – in a way that will promote the health of our skin, hair, nails, and teeth. We really can improve our physical appearance by eating the right foods.

As you may have guessed, water is a main component of a beauty diet. This is because our skin is mostly water, so keeping it hydrated is very important. Green tea is another healthy choice for our skin. Green tea contains polyphenols which are anti-oxidants that are helpful in protecting against aging and even against cancer. Research into these benefits continues.

To keep your hair looking great you need protein. Excellent sources of protein for hair are fish and beans. The reason these sources are good is because fish offers omega-3s, which will enhance the shine of your hair and beans have iron and add fiber. When it comes to beautiful nails eating yogurt will help keep your nails strong and healthy. This is because yogurt contains calcium and protein. Spinach can also be helpful as it contains essential B vitamins.

Keeping your teeth beautiful and healthy is not as hard as you may think. We’ve all heard that an apple a day can help keep the doctor away – well it just might keep the dentist away too! Apples help increase saliva secretion which helps protect your teeth against cavities and tooth decay. In addition, apples help to cleanse your teeth. You probably know that calcium is needed for healthy teeth and in order to absorb calcium we need vitamin D – cereal is a good source of Vitamin D.

The point is, eating a healthy diet that ensures you are getting all the nutrients you need, along with plenty of water, will help keep your skin, hair, teeth and nails strong and healthy and looking their best. From there it’s easy to enhance your natural beauty with touches of makeup to bring out your best features. Don’t you owe it to yourself to eat to be beautiful?

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